Is Now the Right Time to Buy a Home in Las Vegas?

Las Vegas real estate has seen an impressive appreciation rate of 12.88% over the past decade, with home values rising 33.3% in the last year alone. If you're looking to get the best deal on your new home, it's best to buy between December and April. Your real estate agent can provide more detailed guidance on how to time the market effectively.

The current Las Vegas real estate market is characterized by limited inventory and high demand from both local and out-of-state buyers. Prices continue to rise and inventory continues to decline, making it a seller's market with 6 months of inventory suggesting a balanced market. Key industries in the Las Vegas metropolitan area include aerospace and defense, healthcare, information technology, mining and natural resource technologies.

If you need help selling your home in Las Vegas or the Henderson area, call or text (70) 357-3354 to receive a free home value analysis. Despite a slight increase in inventory from last month, Las Vegas is still a fast-growing home seller's market. The former Las Vegas realtor admits that the market currently doesn't even have enough inventory to supply those who want to buy. During the month of May, the Las Vegas real estate market saw a rise in home prices, the total number of homes sold declined, and more inventory came to market.