Why Las Vegas is One of the Fastest Growing Cities in the US

When it comes to population growth, Las Vegas is one of the fastest-growing cities in the US. In less than 200 years, Las Vegas has gone from a quiet prairie to a bustling metropolis. The Las Vegas Valley is a basin surrounded by mountains that collects scarce rainwater and melted snow. This, combined with two entities that are only getting worse, has led to an increase in population of 40%. Despite the housing crash that has hit Nevada hard, Las Vegas looks forward to economic and real estate growth. The historic center of Las Vegas was once occupied by swamps, freshwater springs and grassy meadows. With a low crime rate and friendly neighbors, it's no surprise that this is the fastest-growing city in Nevada. The area is also prone to earthquakes, which can cause further damage. The CBER research team predicts that Las Vegas and Southern Nevada will be home to approximately 3.383 million people by 2060, a 42% increase. This growth has made Las Vegas one of the richest cities in the country, but it has also brought problems such as high crime rates, suicide rates, alcohol consumption and illegal drug use. These events have attracted many people to North Las Vegas, which is located on the state border with Arizona and only two hours away from Las Vegas. North Las Vegas has seen a 5.1% increase in population due to its proximity to the bright lights of Las Vegas. The area is part of the Mojave Desert and is characterized by Joshua trees. After adding 58,147 new residents to the city of Las Vegas, the world's entertainment capital now has a total population of 641,903 residents.